Welcome, My Story so far….

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Welcome, My story so far….

Welcome, my story so far…I live in Bolton with my beautiful partner, Jill & our Jack Russel , Bluebell (AKA the mountain goat). Long before I met Jill and found my passion for photography, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful childhood. I had a talent for singing, so “me and guys from school, had a band and we tried real hard”….you know the rest. I’m blessed with some amazing memories of backpacking around Europe, America & living and working in London in between my travels. I was born on Halloween, I’m a Scorpion, which makes me deeply emotional and sensitive. Scorpios are also the most loyal friends and partners you could ever ask for, and as one of the most ambitious signs, they’re amazing at creating connections and being their authentic selves. When I’m not sat in front of my PC or photographing my clients, I love to fell walk in the Lake District. I’m a chocoholic, I love a good red wine, and who doesn’t love a good old laugh …usually at my expense. I feel blessed to have a creative talent for photography, so I put all my energy into making sure my couples have the very best wedding photography experience and deliver perfect memories of their special day. I’d love to hear from you, your story and all about your wedding day plans. 

Some of my Precious memories…..

Summer street Olympic silver medalist.

Look how proud I was. My childhood was spent playing out from dawn till dusk in the summer holidays long before the internet consumed our lives. So lucky, So happy.

The rock star years.

I sang for 14 years, firstly with the band from school, and then joined Paul (guitarist) in a duo called “Wanted”.  Trying to live the rock star dream. They were the best of times.

Fell walking in the lakes.

If you have never walked a single fell or mountain in your life then you must try it at least once…we love the Lake District and especially when the weather is on your side it’s heavenly. God’s counrty!!

With my Beautiful partner, Jill.

We met across a crowded dancefloor on a random night out, we caught each others eye, chatted each other up and the rest is history. Special girl….lucky man.

Watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon.

I passed my driving test in Virginia, bought a second hand car and drove 6000 miles in 3 months. What a road trip that was.

Foo Fighters concert.

Here with my great buddy, Mr Dave Fuller. We have been friends now for many years and he’s the kindest most genuine guy I’ve ever met. What a concert that was…the Foo’s were spectacular.

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