Wow, what an epic wedding day this turned out to be, and even the driving rain (and oh how it poured down) couldn’t wash anyone’s smile away. Andrew & Kamile met and fell in love in Dubia and after a whirlwind romance they didn’t hesitate to set their wedding date for the 8th September 2018. Having tied the knot at Heron House register office everyone made a dash over to the incredible Gotham Hotel on King street. I must say, that for any photographer being blessed to shoot a wedding here will find themselves blown away by the unique and wonderful interior this bespoke hotel has to offer. With the atrocious weather not letting up, I was so grateful that the Gotham Hotel posed so many fantastic opportunities to photograph my amazing couple. After 5 hours of continuous downpour, the rain finally stopped just long enough for me to capture probably the biggest, most epic confetti shot I’ve seen, the guests were incredible and both Andrew and Kamile were just amazing and made my job so much easier, such a wonderful couple to photograph and quite obviously so very much in love with each other.


Gotham Hotel WeddingGotham Hotel Wedding

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