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Unlike the speeches, I let my photography do the storytelling……

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the latest buzz words to describe wedding photographers style such as, documentary, reportage & journalistic. Well, without getting to deep, the definition below pretty much explains what it really means and how I tell your story…..

Documentary photography is a type of photography that captures a moment of reality, in order to convey a meaningful message about what is happening in the world and typically focuses on an ongoing story which it relates through a series of photographs.

Thankfully, wedding photography has evolved, and the days of wedding guests standing to attention in a line while the photographer shouts “say cheese” are long gone, although I’m sure not completely extinct.

So, with this in mind, there is one very important ingredient that matters the most to me when I’m shooting a wedding, and my focus is to produce the very best storytelling photograph’s, and when you do look back on your photographs, you are transported right back to your wedding day and remembering the moments as they happened with huge smiles on your faces. I believe the best way to achieve this is to get involved, mingle and interact with your guests which allows me to shoot at close quarters and give you a wonderful sense of being there again when you look at your memories.

I work extremely hard to ensure I don’t miss those wonderful opportunities to capture great moments. Experience has taught me to anticipate all those amazing moments of sheer joy, side splitting laughter, tears destroying carefully applied mascara and hands covering embarrassed faces (usually the groom whilst being humiliated by his best man). All this and more go to creating your wedding day story…and I love it.

When it comes to the portrait session of photographing my couples, I always strive to make them feel totally relaxed in front of me and my camera, it’s about trust and building the best possible relationship and I endeavour to get my couples to behave as naturally as possible and keep it light-hearted and as much fun as possible, this way, my couples get creative, natural and wonderful photograph’s of themselves looking and feeling amazing.

I’m fully aware that for some couples it will be important to get some formal portraits of close family members and friends, which I’m happy to accommodate, but this must be kept to a manageable number so as not to interrupt the flow of the day and your guest’s enjoyment.

So that’s pretty much how I work, making new friends and having a great time capturing amazing moments of your wedding day, as naturally as it happens with a strong storytelling style that I’m sure you will love.